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        Full Range of Barton Sailboat Hardware Now Available with the Launch of Barton US

        Category: News 2020
        Over 1,800 hardware products will be stocked at the US warehouse
        Over 1,800 hardware products will be stocked at the US warehouse


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        Barton Marine is expanding in the USA with the launch of Barton US LLC.  Our new dedicated local US presence will mean Barton is easier to find in local marine stores, with the full range readily available to US boaters across the continent.

        Barton gear has been available in the USA for decades and can be found in outfitters such as Defender and CWR, but the expansion now enables the full catalogue of over 1800 hardware products to fill the gap in the US market for great value and performance from a high quality range able to handle every task on board.

        From bow to stern and mast head to keel, dinghy racers up to 50ft cruisers, Barton US will now have boater’s needs covered in the USA.  Our full range of equipment is now warehoused and available including the sleek Barton block range, Barton’s classic wooden blocks which are gaining popularity among classic boat owners, and our track and car systems are all available along with our lighter weight composite winches and the ever-popular Barton Wincher. These form just part of the vast array of Barton onboard gear available from all good USA boating outfitters.

        Barton Marine CEO Suzanne Blaustone said, “We believe our deck gear range is perfect for the needs of the modern boat owner.  As a global supplier, now is the right time to up our game in the US and ensure our full catalogue is quickly and reliably available to sailors.  Boaters don’t need to mix and match brands to fit out their boats, knowing that Barton hardware has been designed by sailors, tested by sailors and manufactured by sailors in our own factory in England.  It’s an exciting time for Barton and we are keen to help everyone enjoy time afloat more than ever before.”

        Barton US is supported by sales agency Atlantic Marketing on the East Coast of the US, and our logistics and warehouse partner, Rooster Sailing UK have enabled a smooth transition as our expansion program meets the needs of US sailors.For sales support and product information contact US sales ambassador Kim Foster at salesforce@bartonUS.com.

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