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        Barton Marine Supports Boaters To Get Back On The Water

        Category: News 2020
        Barton Marine Supports Boaters To Get Back On The Water
        Social Distancing Stickers in use at Harwich Yacht Club
        Social Distancing Stickers in use at Harwich Yacht Club


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        Barton Marine are supporting the boating community and helping sailors get back out on the water following lockdown by providing social distancing floor stickers to yacht and sailing clubs and marine businessesaround the UK and Europe free of charge. 

        Over 40 boating clubs requested packs of floor mat stickers within hours of launch, but there is still time to order for your club.   The bright and bold nautical life ring design acts as a clear reminder for visitors and staff to follow the 2 metre distancing rules.  Made of high quality non-slip laminate, they address this key element of most ‘back to business’ risk assessments.  


        "The acceptance of our 2 metre social distancing floor mats has been huge and have been gratefully received judging by the many kind comments.  We welcome the opportunity to help prepare marine clubs to safely welcome members back and we are keen to see photos of the floor mats in place!"  Christian Brewer, Barton Sales Manager


        Barton are proud to have supported the supply chain, remaining openand producing during lockdown.  Committed to a strict safety program with social distancing directives, the entire Barton team was involved in setting up and maintaining a rigorous hygiene and cleaning strategy that kept everyone healthy at work and home.  All marine trade/consumer enquiries were actioned and key commercial and industrial customers were supplied for uninterrupted workflows.   


        Barton technical experts have worked tirelessly during this challenging period to be there for customers, providing essential guidance as required, an ethos which is at the core of the Barton brand values. 


        The Barton team remain at your side as the viral tide begins to turn and can be contacted via the phone and email.  Whether you would like a floor sticker pack, or information on the product range, get in touch on +44 1227 792979 or via sales@bartonmarine.com.

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